My kids yelling so loud in the back to “We Are Young” by Fun; calling each other silly names like “old lady” and “old boy” (Kalena).

Days so clear you can see the other islands on the horizon; gorgeous blue skies and double rainbows… I love it here.


Our morning conversation:

Kalena: “If you sleep walk, you will drown.”

Kai: “if you sleep walk near a pool, you will get burned and drown in the hot tub”

Me: “Kai, let’s not talk about things like that. Are you guys excited about going camping in 2 days?”

Kalena: “CAMPING!!!”

Me: “Don’t forget to pack your bags today with me”

Kalena: “CAMPING!!!”

Kai: “You’re too loud, Kalena. You are goin to break my ear drums.”

Kalena: ” Ear drums? Hahahahaha!!”

(Kai looks at me, confused).

Me: “She doesn’t know what ear drums are, Kai.”

Kai: “Kalena, ear drums are when a guy is in your ears, drumming like this (pretends to drum). Hahaha, I’m just kidding.

The kids were allowed to save 10 treats from Halloween to eat one a day. Kai remembered as soon as he got up from his nap, and chose a small bag of potato skins chips to eat. he made sure kalena had a snack to eat, too as they say together enjoying their treats at the table. then they had their little conversation together:

“kalena, sit at the table to eat please”.

“okay, Kai”.

“do you like it”?


“hmm…(referring to his chips) why do they make this SO good?! is this made of potatoes, mom?”

“yes kai, can you believe it? And you say you don’t like potatoes”. (me)

kai: “raise your hand if you like potatoes”.

we all raise our hand up.

Kalena put a towel on her head and walked around saying “boooo!”

“are you a ghost?” I ask.

“no mommy not a ghost, a GOOSE!”

Of course.

thanks to the encouragement of my hubby, i started going to this power/vinyasa flow yoga class closer to town on tuesday nights.  i have been to this studio many times before, and was just about to give up and try another one (or just stick with my free online classes) when i found kara miller’s class.  from day one i was hooked!  it takes awhile to find the kind of teacher you like, and a level that is just right for you.  some classes do too much om-ing for me; others are too slow/fast, and sometimes you just don’t like the instructor’s delivery.  every time i go to her class i feel so happy afterwards, even though i just got my butt (gluteus maximus, as kai would say) kicked.  it is the perfect balance of sweat workout, muscle working!, balancing poses, personal inversion time (handstands, etc.), and stretching, all with a kripalu twist.  i am tired now, but so grateful for this precious time for me.

I love to see the nice moments where the kids are kind to each other. It really makes up for all the fighting times 🙂

we always have the most perfect zucchini’s at the farmer’s markets here.  finally i wanted to try something different from our usual pasta with zucchini, or our korean style zucchini.  i found this cool idea to make zucchini pesto from a saveur recipe.  since i already had a bit of sun-dried tomato pesto from the day before, i combined that with the zucchini pesto recipe and the result was surprisingly great.   there is actually a whole zucchini in it!  you should try it.

rick and i really like to eat, but i rarely blog/document these things!  so i am going to start.

last night i made chinese style steamed fish.  yellowtail was the freshest looking thing at don quixote’s, but  unfortunately i didn’t realize they hadn’t de-gutted the thing! thank goodness for youtube (i knew i should have paid more attention after our family fishing trips).  i stir fried some bok choy and mapo doufu (to be pictured another time) and we had a feast!

here was the finished result:




"Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking, and don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it."

~ Steve Jobs

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