we live on the edge of causeway bay, one of the most densely packed parts of hong kong. one benefit is the amount of transportation options we have. since we really do most of our traveling to and from work, we’ve experimented with the route a bit. here are the options:

1. bus. 100m from the door is a bus stop with 3 buses that put us each within a block and a half from the office. frequency: 10-15 minutes. price: $3.40 (US$0.45). door-to-door: 22 minutes.

2. mtr. a 10 minute walk from the door brings you to the door of the train at tin hau station. frequency: 3-4 minutes during commuter times. price: $4.60 (US$0.60). door-to-door: 23 minutes.

3. taxi. we live a block away from the place all the taxi drivers eat, so there is fairly strong taxi traffic. it still is a struggle though when it’s about 8:30 or when it’s raining. frequency: 1-20 minutes. price: $30 (US$4). door-to-door: 18 minutes.

there’s also a red mini bus, but it comes infrequently and speed depends on the driver.

since they are all fairly close in result, it usually becomes a question of how much we want to spend. there are also factors such as rain, humidity, tardiness, whether the bus has just come (no lines), traffic, and whether we are sharing a taxi. the mtr gives us more walking exercise, the bus more reading time, and a taxi either a few minutes of time to talk or some “alone time”.