people here seem to be very giving when it comes to charities, beggars, etc. it’s very common, especially on saturdays, to see several people outside each mtr station or crowded flyover with sheets of donor stickers and a cloth bag full of pocket change. i’ve been through my fair share of world cities and seen a variety of techniques for asking for money from total strangers. here, it usually consists of volunteers dressed in brighter colors, with a smile on their face, walking in 10 foot circles. If you happen to come alongside while the circle is close to you, the volunteer walks with you for 5 or 6 steps to see if you’re interested. if not, the circle moves away from you and they are on to the next person. it’s kind of funny to watch when it’s not that crowded, as it just looks like 3 or 4 people smiling and walking in circles. even if i don’t necessarily support the cause, that’s enough to get a few dollars out of me.