one nice thing about living in hong kong (which probably also applies to japan and korea) is that crime is almost non-existent, especially relative to city areas of similar size in the states. i was talking to a client from london this past week about all of the problems with increasing crime in london – stabbings, car theft, bombings, muggings, etc. i realized i’ve started to take the relative worry-free nature of hong kong for granted. i don’t think twice about going down dark alleys at late hours, never really have to worry about alicia traveling by herself, never think about projecting an “air of confidence and purpose” as i’m walking so that bad people will think that if i go missing someone will be looking for me. i see kids running around large crowds or at the beach or on the playground without parents panicking that they will be kidnapped if they are not in direct sight.

this is not to say that everything is perfect here in that sense; i’m sure that bad things still occur. it’s just nice to not have to think about as much. i only hope that i don’t lose all my “street-smart skills” (assuming they existed) for the times when i am back in the danger zone.