a recent source of entertainment has been to read the covers of dvds available in shenzhen. they appear to have no relationship whatsoever to the content of the dvd, and can barely be said to resemble english.

as an example, here’s an extract from “fun with dick & jane”, a jim carrey movie about a husband-wife who turn to robbing mini-marts after their luck goes wrong:

one day, police officer anna receive not usually of e-mail, manifestation on the mail a painful appearance of woman of young good reputation. the prisoner notes the playing cards game of play” if won and then release the hostage, if lost and then kill the stage, but can’t give up the game midway”. change homicidal devil king of the very much. the first time game, because bureau chief police brush-off, the hostage was kill, after, although the police carried on the game, because the game failure, the hostage that is…….ully in this bandit of, partic ipate to rob the case

i guess you can get lost in translation.