we met president and sister van dam tonight at the home of elder and sister andersen of the area presidency. they’ve been in hong kong for a little over a week, although president van dam served a mission here in hong kong back in the days. it was fun to meet them and get to know some of the other members of the district a little bit better.

as new mission presidents, they have an overlap of about 3 hours during which the most essential information about the mission is passed on from the old mission presidents. after that it’s sink or swim, which always reminds me of the first few days of my own mission. what an adjustment!

on friday we had dinner with kai and rhonda, a co-worker and his wife. it was a lot of fun. rhonda is pregnant with their first kid and we got to watch the baby jumping around on the ultrasound dvd. i guess most of you may have already seen stuff like that many times, but there’s something pretty amazing about watching a 5cm long baby at 12 weeks scratching its head and jumping.

this should be another long week. it’s been hot, humid and on-and-off rainy. not sure if it’s the weather but i caught 2 big old cucarachas this week trying to flee my lightning fast tsinelas (slippers, flip flops, etc. – my weapon of choice (held in the hand)).