pollution in hong kong is becoming more and more of an issue these days. my guess is most of it blows down from the pearl river delta, and is compounded by hong kong traffic, factories and air conditioning. the bottom line is that it is often healthier to exercise indoors with filtered, cleaner air than it is to go outside. regardless of your preference, it seems that every place has a great fitness tool that answers the demand for infomercial greatness.

two of the most visible (query whether this means popular or successful) these days are exemplified in these 8-story tall ads in causeway bay. the one on the left is for something that looks like the bull riding machine in a country bar – the videos are even better. the one on the right you strap around your midsection while you are lounging around the house, reading, or watching tv, and it goes to work for you without much effort by buzzing and jiggling your love handles away.

i guess we’ll have a further report once we’ve had a chance to test these fat-fighting techniques.