Tonight after work we came home to do an population census “interview” at home. We had to set the interview as late as possible, inn case we were still at the office. So at 9:30pm we got a call from a young man with a soprano voice asking if it’s ok to come upstairs. (We live on the notoriously “unlucky” – but cheaper – 4th floor of an apartment with no lift.) He started asking us about our jobs, how long we’ve lived in HK, and things like how we get to work everyday.(For details on that, see Rick’s “Move It Move It” blog). In the middle of my interview, Rick stopped our guy to ask some usual legal questions like “who will have access to this information”, etc. No sooner had Rick started his own version of an “interview”, had little beads of sweat started to the form on the brow of our young man. Once he “passed” the test of our queries, he proceed to interview us one at a time, taking copius notes and even laughing at some of our answers.

I must say I have always have a hard time finding the appropriate answer for the “what ethnic group” question in general, particularly when you are filling out a form. Normally the only fitting answer is to mark the “other” category, so when we both answered this question we instinctively answered “other”. Needless to say, this got a laugh, so had to explain ourselves. Overall, a pleasant break from the routine.