after being here over a year (and alicia for 10), we decided it was time to see the big buddha out on lantau island. we went with our friend matt “the hong kong hiking guru” and met up at mui wo after a half-hour fast ferry ride. after a 40 minute bus ride up to the top, we got off to start our hike.

to get to the buddha, you have to walk up about 12 flights of stairs. today felt like one of the hottest days of the year, with all the heat and humidity trapped under a cloud layer. needless to say, it was futile to try to keep cool, and we were happy that this was the most uphill part of the hike.

once we had toured around the base of the big buddha, we headed down towards the reservoir. it was a couple of hours down the trail, and we saw lots of nice views, interesting insects including a stick bug, a praying mantis, and giant spiders, and only ran into a handful of humans on the way!

it was really interesting to see the changes in plant life as we descended from the peaks down to sea level. we made it through pine forests where alicia made a bug out of piece of a pinecone! despite the safety of the path, we also paid attention to the signs.

overall we had a great time, although it was nice to get home and have a nice cold shower! thanks matt!