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we woke up this morning to a beatiful sunshiny day. we had more errands to run, and since we have a 3 day weekend due to ching ming festival on monday, we decided to get as much done as possible on saturday so we could play monday.

notice the castle-looking building in the distance, it’s like hong kong’s mini excalibur!

on the way to grab something at alicia’s office, we posed for a little golf. unfortunately, due to the extreme prices and our limited time, this is about as close as we have come to golfing since april when we taught some kids how to golf for goldman’s community teamworks activity.

a striking resemblance…

later on, we made it back to tst (tsim sha tsui) for my first fitting. interesting to see how the suit takes shape, and how close the measurements get the first time. i’m also not really sure what the white thread on the outside is for and why there is only one sleeve.

the trousers were perfect, but we had to do some adjustments on the jacket. we set up an appointment for next week to do the next fitting.

in other news, we are officially coming back to visit in mid-january. we are looking forward to seeing family and friends (and snow).


we went off a recommendation from one of alicia’s co-workers and found a tailor in tst. it’s tucked away in a sketchy building, but they’re supposed to be pretty good.

after some negotiation on fabrics and price, i got myself measured up.

on the way down, we checked out the back stairs because the lift takes forever to come to your floor. this place is pretty wild – not sure we know everything that happens in this building, but you see some pretty unexpected stuff besides the jewelers and tailors. makes me appreciate the comforts of my office a little bit more!

this is the central library, the landmark which we use to describe where we live. it’s a rather imposing building set on the back end of victoria park. about two blocks behind it is our flat.

we’ve been inside a few times – they have a decent selection of english books, not to mention a language learning centre and couches and study areas. this is just a fun tree outside the library. we pass it everytime we walk to causeway bay to eat/grocery shop/go to ikea.

from short buildings to the tallest buildings, when they are under construction they put bamboo scaffolding all the way up the side and then cover it with this green netting. this is presumably to avoid passersby from getting nailed with chunks of concrete, tools and other falling objects. often, people are still living inside and get a “green view” for a few months!

the final odd thing you may notice about my pictures is that last week was a white sky week(!).

can’t believe how fast the last few weeks have gone. seems like we skip from saturday to saturday these days. we’ve been apartment hunting recently to see if we will be moving or not. it’d be nice to get a bit more space than we have now, but it’s hard to move away from a 10 minute commute (door to desk, that is) and to have to dish out double our current rent.

i went to an industry conference today. as we were discussing new developments in the field, i realized that the further along i get in my career, the harder it is to explain to people what it is that i do for a living. in fact, the majority of what i produce lives in a whole bunch of computers all over the world. it’s kind of crazy to see all of these financial markets transacting billions of dollars that doesn’t actually physically move.

at the same time, i remember one particular grandma in the philippines, who the last time we visited cried because she thinks she won’t see me again in this life. she has a simple life which hasn’t changed that much of the course of her 80 years. it helps me to keep my life in perspective – you really can’t take it with you.

and happy chusok! fun holidays over here. last night we spent some time at the mahjong tables, ate a 10 course meal and even got the karaoke machine going. we went with mom and hung out with lots of couple missionaries, including the mission president and some area office couples. it was highly entertaining and good fun.

a couple of nights ago we had the tai hang fire dragon come through, unfortunately no pictures though. work has been busy so apologies for the lack of updates.

last night as we walked back home through victoria park, we were pleasantly surprised to catch a bunch of break-dancing battles. it was quite entertaining to see the kids’ attitude and enthusiasm. i imagined rick as a high schooler in there doing the same moves. check out the videos below.

afterwards we went to see all the lanterns they have up for mid-autumn festival. we also saw the tai hang fire dragon signs up all over our streets – so that will be another holiday event coming soon in our neighborhood.


"Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking, and don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it."

~ Steve Jobs

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