can’t believe how fast the last few weeks have gone. seems like we skip from saturday to saturday these days. we’ve been apartment hunting recently to see if we will be moving or not. it’d be nice to get a bit more space than we have now, but it’s hard to move away from a 10 minute commute (door to desk, that is) and to have to dish out double our current rent.

i went to an industry conference today. as we were discussing new developments in the field, i realized that the further along i get in my career, the harder it is to explain to people what it is that i do for a living. in fact, the majority of what i produce lives in a whole bunch of computers all over the world. it’s kind of crazy to see all of these financial markets transacting billions of dollars that doesn’t actually physically move.

at the same time, i remember one particular grandma in the philippines, who the last time we visited cried because she thinks she won’t see me again in this life. she has a simple life which hasn’t changed that much of the course of her 80 years. it helps me to keep my life in perspective – you really can’t take it with you.