this is the central library, the landmark which we use to describe where we live. it’s a rather imposing building set on the back end of victoria park. about two blocks behind it is our flat.

we’ve been inside a few times – they have a decent selection of english books, not to mention a language learning centre and couches and study areas. this is just a fun tree outside the library. we pass it everytime we walk to causeway bay to eat/grocery shop/go to ikea.

from short buildings to the tallest buildings, when they are under construction they put bamboo scaffolding all the way up the side and then cover it with this green netting. this is presumably to avoid passersby from getting nailed with chunks of concrete, tools and other falling objects. often, people are still living inside and get a “green view” for a few months!

the final odd thing you may notice about my pictures is that last week was a white sky week(!).