we took a day trip up to shenzhen on saturday with mom, dad and andrew. it was a more convenient way than previously – we drove up to fan ling and parked at the train station, then took the kcr train up the last two stops to the lo wu crossing.

unfortunately, we all made it through except for andrew, who got stuck! we hadn’t noticed that his visa had expired, so dad went back through and waited with him while alicia, mom and i went on into the lo wu commercial centre.

i should probably explain that when we go to shenzhen, we usually don’t quite make it out of the shopping center next to the train station. it’s a big mall-like place with tons of shops carrying clothes, handbags, shoes, watches, jewelry, electronics, golf clubs, toys, and lots of aggressive guys and girls trying to impress you with “dvd movie? copywatch? handbag? gucci prada ipod mp3 sunglass memory card usb?” haha after awhile it just becomes a buzz in your ear.

on the way out i captured this epitome of car decor, the feather boa on the dash. all of you who still have cars should think about ordering some accessories from me, i can deck you out for cheap with all sorts of stuff.

finally, in the lift on the way down to the carpark we saw this little sign and tried to figure out what it was trying to tell us. any guesses?