we made time for a movie last night, after a long and busy week. we chose a cinema close to our flat, about a 10 minute walk away in windsor house. like nyc, the cinemas here in hong kong tend to be vertical, with one cinema on each floor. here’s alicia on the way up.

we wanted to see something with a little action, so we chose “the prestige”. i know, i know, we get movies late and everyone probably saw this last year or something. but we thought it was pretty fun.

i should say something about going to the movies here – it’s quite convenient. we buy our tickets online, choose the show and the seats, and show up 2 minutes before the movie starts. you swipe your credit card, and presto! your tickets print out. we paid a little more for these tickets, at about 11 bucks a pop. normally they are about 8-9 for a normal (non-matinee) show. i’ve uploaded a video to show the extra value we get – this is for those without their own home cinema with a giant screen, dolby and snack service. :p

well it’s dark, but you get the idea.