hee hee. alicia says i’m bad. but we both laugh! our upstairs neighbor is very paranoid. one time right after we got here i tried to go upstairs to check out the roof (or if we had one). we are on the 4th of 5 floors, with the 6th being the roof. i walked up the stairs and was surprised to hear doorbells ringing. they kept going off so i looked up and noticed two motion sensors – whaaaaat?!? i ran up the rest of the stairs and tried the door but it was locked. then the neighbor came busting out like “hey what are you doing??” i said i just wanted to look at the roof, he told me it was private and said he’d show me around sometime.

anyway, they were really nice at first but then they started being kind of mean to the indian delivery guys and the filipinas. yelling at them and being racist. not to mention the fact that every time they come out of their door we hear doorbells ringing. so every now and then we cause a little mischief. we noticed that one of our light switches appears to be connected to their motion sensor bell! i’m sure this is because he’s jacked his sensor into our electric wire and is stealing our electricity. so when they make a lot of noise upstairs, it’s time to have some fun.

here’s the deal – there are two sensors. the lower one is a lower pitched doorbell, and the higher one is a high pitched doorbell. our light switch somehow triggers the high one. so if i flick the switch, it sounds like someone has walked upstairs, but hasn’t gone downstairs! (ghosts??) in other words, it couldn’t be us sneaking around. so i flick it 2 – 3 times and inevitably he will run to the door to see who is invading his space! yesterday they were pounding on something while we were trying to sleep so i hit the switch and presto! after a few “who’s there? WHO’S THERE!” calls, no more hammering!

mwuhahahahaha. i’m such a child.