i’m chilling on a foggy morning, catching up on some work as we slowly drift towards central. it’s 80 degrees out but there is a dense fog that is almost doubling the normal 25 minute ferry trip into town. hong kong has a fantastically busy harbour – i spent a fair amount of time when i used to have a window looking out on victoria harbour watching the endless criss-crossing of ferries, cruise ships, junks, police boats and sampans as they bobbed their way from place to place.

we are officially at approximately 6 weeks to go, but it seems like the time is slipping away more quickly as the days go by. because of our hectic schedule, it seems like saturday is the only day we really have to do anything, and that means there are only 6 saturdays (plus or minus) to go before this all goes into action.

alicia is doing well – thanks to everyone for asking. she is fairly tired these days and tries to find opportunities to rest when possible. the baby continues to grow and as of our last doctor visit there was nothing exciting to report. we did manage to catch a glimpse of one fat cheek which alicia was pretty pleased with.

in the meantime we have had a few friends come through town for a visit. it’s nice to see people and catch up a little bit.