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rick was able to do a little driving on his big 30th birthday celebration at this place in hk called sideways. kai really liked the sound of the engines and is already being trained young to share this passion with his dad.

we also had a little dinner celebration on sunday for rick’s birthday, and kai’s 100 day celebration. we had a great feast with our branch. a lot of fun, food, and passing around of kai. he wore his special “barong-tagalog” outfit that we bought from the philippines awhile back.


i dug out some old photos of rick and i while I was in the states this summer.

it’s funny how everyone on both sides of the family say, “oh, kai looks just like an abelmann/chenn”. i think he will look more like rick in the end (at least i hope so, so people will stop asking me what “her” name is), but here are some photos of our past. so make your predictions, everyone. rick? alicia? or someone else in the fam?

kai is growing and getting stronger everyday. it makes it easier to take care of him (and more fun, too). here are some glamor shots i took of him regularly so dad could keep track while we were away. wedding shots to come…

we went to the US for a family reunion (utah) and wedding (california) of my sister-in-law, julia. it was a long time to be away from home, but good to see family. kai did really well on the flights from hk to sfo, sfo to slc, slc to sea and sea to cali, and then back to hk from sfo. needless to say, i was totally exhausted!

while in the US, kai has learned to blow bubbles, babble more (“ai-goo”, etc.), and lift his chest off the ground without arms (he hasn’t learned that it’s easier to do with arms). and today he did his very first “crack up” (laugh out loud). so made my day.

here are a few shots of our little trip.


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