I know I probably sound like every other first time parent, but I am going to take that excuse to write this one…

Kai knows that he can get a smile out of almost anyone. When we go out, he smiles at every stranger in sight. If they don’t notice him, he makes a noise while gritting his teeth, and then looks to see if they look over. If they do, he smiles; if not, he does the noise until they look.

He can get around (sort of) the apartment by scooting/sliding around, and still tries to put everything into his mouth. He is getting the hang of signing (see link) and can tell me when he wants milk or more food. He is working on the “bye-bye” and “give me five”, although he seemed to have it down in the Philippines. He loves the sounds of animals, and laughs every time we do the chicken or pig sound. Lately when I have the hiccups, he thinks it is hilarious and won’t stop laughing. He thinks he is such a big boy now, trying to stand by himself using the couch and babbling “abbabababa, owww, daddada” all the while.