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we have survived the typhoon! just hope the weather lets us get out of the apartment! it gets frustrating when you are stuck inside a small apartment…

i guess he decided to take it into his own hands now, and show us the right way to pray. yup – as soon as kai sees me put food on the table, he clasps his hands together, bows his head and starts mumbling to himself. we have to try hard not to laugh.


we are stuck inside today as typhoon fengshan blows its way through hong kong. this is the first signal 8 we’ve had this year and it looks pretty grey out there. it must not be too bad at the moment because there are still birds flying around. fortunately we are getting the weakened version – earlier in the week it slammed the philippines, wreaking havoc in quite a few cities (including samar, boracay and iloilo) and causing a passenger ferry to sink with 800+ people on board.00 HKT 25 June 2008

sometimes i look at kai and he is such a little boy. still like a baby, just a little bigger.

he’s developing more every day though, and it’s crazy to watch him grow up before my eyes. i’m glad i’ve had some time recently to spend with him at this stage. it’s so easy to say that i’ll have more time tomorrow, or next week, or next year, and before you know it you’ve missed too much time. i’m setting goals now to ensure that if it happens to me, it will only be after all of my best efforts to grow right along with him.

we’re back from italy and had a great trip. based out of the lovely town of montefiascone in lazio, next to lago di bolsena and 1.5 hours from rome, we kicked back and relaxed old-country style, staying at a friend’s home outside of town. we were surrounded by fresh flowers, rolling hills, clean air, warm sunshine, crisp produce, delicious pasta, refreshing gelato, old castles, ancient ruins, etc. – in other words, the kind of stuff we don’t see too often in hong kong.

as our neighbours were not too fluent in english, all three of us had to learn some crash-course italian. kai did well, responding to “ciao”, “batte le manini”, and “buona”, among others. his daily conversation/play partners included the two lovely neighbor ladies below.

we spent time picnicking under the olive trees, walking through fields of poppies, looking at farm animals, and cooking/eating.

after a few weeks we took the train up to venice to stay for a week in the castello area. it was nice and warm, with some cool days and a bit of rain to freshen things up. i can’t say the dollar stretched too far, but that didn’t seem to stop the droves of americans crowding piazza san marco.

kai was fascinating by pigeons, but they were massed just enough to keep his curiosity from causing him to attack them like some of the other kids. he was content to walk around behind them and point.

we are back in hong kong, refreshed and ready for summer. more updates soon.


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