i have a friend who swore by his franklin planner.  he spent loads of cash decking out his leather-bound bundle of organization and by doing so peer-pressure me into getting one of my own.  unfortunately, my little black book didn’t have the same effect on me (even his CD collection was alphabetized!! :O) and after a few years i finally made myself throw out the hundreds of little blank pages.  (why a few years, you ask?  because i have the pack rat mentality sometimes and i’m also a little cheap.  i was hoping to make it through enough years that the days and dates would match up again.  i know.  it’s sick.)

since paper tech is yesterday’s news and i’m all about being green, i’ve tried various means of organizing myself with technology.  sadly, the most effective technology i have going for me today uses recycled scraps of paper and something called a pen, which makes amazing notations on the scraps that provide simple reminders of to-do’s for the day.  i can fold these scraps and leave them in my pockets so that kai can play with the fun paper balls that come out of the laundry.

i’ve recently started using remember the milk, a web-based task manager that helps you keep track of things you need to do.  i like the flexibility in the way your info is presented  – you can use the web interface to see lists, cloud tags, or a filtered table.  you can access it from your phone or almost any social networking app.  and you can add new tasks by web, SMS, or email.  it embeds location tracking and lets you share your tasks with others.  it’s also got a handy widget for your dashboard (or PC).  and apparently it is quite popular in japan.

give it a try, and let me know what you think.  note that it is still in beta.