for me (unfortunately) it immediately reminds me of an econometrics class in undergrad – we used a program called shazam to test regression models.  i have to say that it was my least favorite piece of software ever.

many years later, shazam is now the name of a cool web app that brings an easy solution for one of my problems.  in our travels we have often been exposed to music popular in another culture.  the problem is that usually it is playing on a radio or in someone’s car as they drive by, or as part of a random compilation being played in a store where the employees are not familiar with the artist.

in the past, i used to just try to remember the tune as best i could, and then listen for it another time when i might hear the artist/song name.  over the past few years, i’ve developed a sneakier google-powered technique, where i listen carefully for a key set of lyrics and write them down (or save them on my phone as a draft SMS).  then when i find an internet access point i can google those lyrics and 99% of the time i find my song, my artist and a new playlist for my musical enjoyment.

now some of you will say, why not just use, or pandora, etc.  unfortunately pandora stopped working about a year ago outside the united states due to drm issues, or i probably would rely on it more.  anyway it does not solve the immediate problem of identifying the song i am hearing.

shazam seems to solve my problems.  you hear a song you like, you dial in, you hold the phone to the music, and shazam!  your song is id’d.  cool.  it’s available by registering your mobile phone in select countries and for select carriers (verizon and at&t in the usa, 3, o2 & virgin in the uk) or by downloading the app to your iphone.

Shazam - experience music

anyone out there using this?  i know sometimes being outside of the us i am behind the times for technology…