anyone who knows me well will tell you i am uncommon (to say the least) in my almost complete ambivalence for sports.  i say almost because i have been known to watch an olympic event now and again this week, and i do enjoy playing a game of beach volleyball or taking a day to snowboard the wasatch mountains.  however, i say complete because it has probably been years (literally!) since my browser was last pointed to, i throw the sports section of the newspaper away in the recycle bin, and what i really get excited about at giant’s games are the garlic fries.

despite all of this, i am tied to the recently launched in two ways: one of the founders is my good friend azar mcmaster, and the other founder allison lodish hails from kentfield, california, a beautiful town near where i grew up in marin county.

if you are asking yourself why women would be against fantasy sports, you obviously do not live with a fantasy sports addict.  this could be a sister site to st. louis car owners against crackheads looking for coins (ask me the story sometime), or alicia against rick playing counterstrike (ask alicia about that one).  it’s a great place to learn about addictive behavior.  as i have heard and seen firsthand, fantasy sports can be all consuming, often to the detriment of those surrounding the “player” who is actively attempting to relive the glory days through these virtual games.  the site is intended to be an outlet for people to ridicule, mourn and lament the loss of their partners who spend an inordinate amount of time online consuming player data, drafting and managing their teams, scouring stats, scores, and injury reports and trash-talking with friends and players in their leagues.

azar and allison hail from opposite sides of the fantasy sports divide – azar participated in 10 fantasy football leagues in a single season, while allison is abandoned by her husband for six months every year due to his fantasy football addiction.  together they bring you a humorous retaliation for the millions out there who have ‘lost’ their significant others to the clutches of fantasy sports. the site is a forum for anyone who feels the need to address their partner’s fantasy sports compulsion.

i offer only limited sympathy here – see the latter half of this post to get my views on how online gaming can improve your iq and help prepare you for sudden situations of urban conflict – but i do understand that sometimes people can let this stuff get out of hand.  take a moment to check it out yourself, read some of the stories, brush up on the jargon, and maybe even order some gear for that friend of yours whose significant other can’t stop talking about this season’s draft picks.

and even though i know march madness is not exactly fantasy sports, i would be remiss if i didn’t mention the fact that i won azar’s pool at least a couple of times in the past few years.  woot!  (no addiction though, really!)