i know half of you are probably thinking of that one rap song you used to dance to in front of your mirror, but you have the reference wrong.  i’m talking about safety here.  information safety.

backing up your information is pretty much like insurance.  it’s relatively cheap and a bit of a hassle.  if you skip it, chances are you will one day regret it, and from that day forward you will pursue it religiously to save yourself from repeating the pain.

we had an imac that lasted just over a year before the motherboard fried.  only at the time, we didn’t know it was the motherboard.  kai was about 8 months old, and i had backed up (pictures only) almost 6 months prior to the crash.  in a state of panic, i tried to salvage the thousands of photos and other documents sitting on my (potentially crashed) hard drive.  fortunately for us, the hard drive was untouched and everything migrated over.  the first thing i did was make sure we had a backup drive set up with regularly scheduled backups to avoid stuff like that happening.

if you have a mac, time machine works great.  it automatically backs up snapshots of your system on regulary intervals that stretch back in time until your drive fills up.  at any time you can go back to a previous backup state and restore files to the older condition.  the nicest part is that you don’t have to think about it – everything is automatic.

if you don’t have a mac, what are your options?  buy a mac, of course.

no really, maybe you still like xp and your pc experience (hey, you get google chrome and i don’t), and you want a simple backup solution.  try backblaze.  it offers unlimited online backup for $5 a month.  everything is secure, you get it for 50 years, high-speed transfer, etc., etc.  check it out.  it’s worth the cost, when you factor in how much you would pay for an external drive, and then think about how you can do it remotely, it will not be stored in the same place as your pc, and so on.  makes sense.