i have to admit to being on the fence about the candidates in this presidential election.  at various times i find things i agree strongly with, disagree strongly with, and things that i find repulsive.  unfortunately too much falls in the last category.  in my current work environment there is a tv on about 10 hours a day playing cnn or cnbc and inevitably the coverage seems to flip between financial armageddon and the election.  i’ve heard and read and watched a lot about the issues, seen the debates, and generally involved myself more in the process than ever before.

so i found it interesting when i took the quiz provided by glassbooth about which candidate is most closely aligned with the issues i think are important.  it breaks down where you match up by percentage and provides further background on each candidate’s stance on the issues.  while i feel that the results are too private for me to post here, i can say that i was surprised both by the “favorite” as well as where each aligned with issues i feel strongly about.  in the end i feel like there is a lot more riding on the election than stated policies.  but you might want to give it a try and find out more before decision day comes.