i’m off to seoul in the morning to go see the parents, harmoni, imo, cousins, and best of all, alicia & kai.  it’s been a long week without them around.  speaking of all things korean, many of you may be familiar with my love of music.  it started a long time ago and has ranged far and wide across the scope of my varying interests. i’m one of those people that likes to have a soundtrack for life.

i generally make the new discoveries and get alicia to like at least some of them.  one of the few times alicia has opened my eyes to a new artist was a couple of months ago when she told me about priscilla ahn.  i knew that one of her songs had popped up on my grey’s anatomy ost, but hadn’t paid too much attention.  now it’s my new favorite album.  there’s nothing like a long day of ringing phones, stressful decisions and market mayhem slipping away with a smoothly lilting voice and a gently rocking double decker bus.  check it out.