the only thing that never changes is change itself…

change comes often.  unexpected. self-perpetuated. force-fed. achieved through hardship.  change can be good or bad, personal or not.  but it comes, and we deal with it.

most of the changes that have affected me over the last few years have been welcomed by me.  viewed positively.  increased my joy and satisfaction with life.  we know that we have some big changes coming up over the next couple of months too, and i am looking forward to these changes.  i am hopeful.

life is short.  it’s easy to get caught up in things.  take some time to evaluate.  look at the trees.  look at the forest.  think different.  dare to dream.  and chase those dreams.  but be prepared for change.  change of goals.  change of course.  change of mind.

and i wish the best for our new president, who has a long and difficult road ahead.