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wow.  two months since the last post.  you can probably tell that moving caught up with us.  it was not my new year’s resolution to quit blogging.  but such is life – you prioritize, and much of what i would normally post on here to benefit the majority of our previous audiences was actually experienced in person by those same people.  our geographic shift has in turn changed the purpose of our blog slightly as we become more involved in the day-to-day of certain friends and family members.

for the rest of you, though, here’s a quick update of the last few weeks.  kai experienced his first bout of cold weather as we visited with family in utah.  zero degrees (fahrenheit), snow, ice, shivering, all that.  fortunately the humidity was nonexistent and i still wore a t-shirt while i shoveled snow off the driveways.kai and his hat

we spent some great family time with the chenns, eating lots of yummy food and playing with nieces and nephews.  it was an adjustment to get used to driving everywhere and seeing american prices (both higher and lower than hong kong in various cases).  it was nice to have lots of space to play, clean air to breathe and beautiful views over cache valley.

food collage

we did the nativity, had christmas presents, took family photos, and made plans to take over the world.  the cousins all got to play together quite a few times.  it was great to have the whole family all in one place.

chenns - familywe managed to squeeze in a few visits with friends as well – mostly people we hadn’t seen since moving to hong kong and in some cases for many years.  it’s nice when you have friends that you can go years without seeing yet when you get together things slip right back into place without any awkwardness.  speaking of which, “awkward” is an awkward word to type.

img_8413jan and juliareflecting poolExtended Abelmann familyjuliamarlenamarcelodallinAll in all, a great way to end the year in preparation for a very new 2009.

kai is almost always a happy, good natured kid.  most of my pictures reflect his cheeser grin, cackling laugh or contemplative looks.  so i thought i should show you what he looks like when he is mad/sad/grumpy.  his brows furrow up and his lips purse out.  he gets a little whine in his voice.  and when he really gets going, he cries from way in the back of his throat (which tends to trigger his gag reflex…).  of course, we love this part of him too.



it’s been ages since my last post as well, so here. moving back to the US has been great in many aspects, but an interesting adjustment in other areas.  everything here is so big – the stores, the roads, the food portions….  we do love having delicious fresh milk (me) and delicious tasting beef (rick), though!  kai has gone crazy running around outdoors and having so much open space to play in.  

it has been freezing for me; just right for rick.  since we don’t have any snow clothes, kai has had to borrow from his cousins.  he had fun on his first sled ride, but he didn’t like getting snow in his face…or maybe it’s just the snow suit?  

snow suit

okay, i’m way overdue for posting.  i promise some will be forthcoming very shortly.  in the meantime, my brother pointed me to some holiday humor surrounding the recent shoe attack on president bush in iraq.  if you don’t know what this refers to, google it.



we spent some time visiting grandma chenn, aunt helena and alicia’s cousin nathania and her family.   we enjoyed a fantastic lunch (too busy eating, no pics) in san mateo and then spent the afternoon hanging out at grandma’s house.  kai enjoyed getting to know his cousins once removed.  if you need a guide on degrees of cousinage, check here.


after thanksgiving we planned a trip down to southern california to visit friends and relatives that hadn’t been able to make it over to hong kong.  unfortunately due to family members being in town, etc. we were unable to leave the bay area until early sunday afternoon for the normally six hour drive down.  and more unfortunately, half of the state of california had the same problem and left at the same time as we did.

i slept through the first two hours (with alicia and kai) and woke up to find that we hadn’t moved very far.  as in…half the distance we should have covered.  my brain slowly began to compute that we were in for an 11 hour drive.  with an 18 month old.  and my parents.img_7951img_7957img_7959

on the upside, i planned ahead for heavy iphone usage and had an a/c adapter all set up to allow continuous power (provided there was signal).  we quickly became adept at reading the map app’s traffic monitor and calculated alternate routes through central california that helped us get through the trip a little faster.  we were also able to locate in ‘n out on the fly and give kai a taste of quality hamburgers.


a looooong time, many dora/diego/toy story episodes later, we arrived in glendale and got settled.  the following days were filled with kai meeting grandma child, grandma theo, aunty carole, and a lot of good friends we hadn’t seen in a long time.  we were not in town long enough to see everyone we wanted to.  so we will have to go back!



"Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking, and don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it."

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