wow.  two months since the last post.  you can probably tell that moving caught up with us.  it was not my new year’s resolution to quit blogging.  but such is life – you prioritize, and much of what i would normally post on here to benefit the majority of our previous audiences was actually experienced in person by those same people.  our geographic shift has in turn changed the purpose of our blog slightly as we become more involved in the day-to-day of certain friends and family members.

for the rest of you, though, here’s a quick update of the last few weeks.  kai experienced his first bout of cold weather as we visited with family in utah.  zero degrees (fahrenheit), snow, ice, shivering, all that.  fortunately the humidity was nonexistent and i still wore a t-shirt while i shoveled snow off the driveways.kai and his hat

we spent some great family time with the chenns, eating lots of yummy food and playing with nieces and nephews.  it was an adjustment to get used to driving everywhere and seeing american prices (both higher and lower than hong kong in various cases).  it was nice to have lots of space to play, clean air to breathe and beautiful views over cache valley.

food collage

we did the nativity, had christmas presents, took family photos, and made plans to take over the world.  the cousins all got to play together quite a few times.  it was great to have the whole family all in one place.

chenns - familywe managed to squeeze in a few visits with friends as well – mostly people we hadn’t seen since moving to hong kong and in some cases for many years.  it’s nice when you have friends that you can go years without seeing yet when you get together things slip right back into place without any awkwardness.  speaking of which, “awkward” is an awkward word to type.

img_8413jan and juliareflecting poolExtended Abelmann familyjuliamarlenamarcelodallinAll in all, a great way to end the year in preparation for a very new 2009.