time really flies – it felt like not so long ago that we were dating and still trying to figure each other out; running around the globe on various adventures, and both working eternal hours in hk.

some things never change, some do. i love that we still love spending simple time together. some things that i love about us:

-we love to eat dark chocolate (esp. this dark choc raspberry kind and sees)
-we love eating authentic ethnic foods (we can do this forever)
-we both enjoy cooking (ok, obviously we like food!)
-we both like beach vacations or the beach in general
-we both love thailand and hawaii
-we both like traveling to new countries and discovering a new culture, people and even more food!
-we don’t like to spend lots of money on clothes or name brand items
-we do things and view our relationship as a team, not “this is your job, and this is mine only”
-when one of us is weak or feeling discouraged, the other one picks up the slack and is ready to pull extra weight.

i love you ricka!