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kai has been extremely difficult the last few weeks.  hitting and starting fights, not listening when we tell him to stop something, and using reverse psychology on us! partly i wonder if it’s the upcoming changes in our lives with new baby, etc., but many friends have told me it’s just that age.  apparently, when your child turns 2.5 yrs old, they start this rebellion that doesn’t really end until, well, 4.  that is not exactly what i want to hear as we are due any day and i know the sleepless nights are nearing…but seriously, it must be something i am doing wrong, right?  have i slacked in my discipline?  is he just taking advantage of that fact that mommy is slower physically?  what is the deal???

i just read a friend’s blog that says, “learn to embrace the lack of control that having kids brings into your life.”  oh how true that is.


i grew up my whole life never seeing an entire “full” rainbow.  it wasn’t until a few weeks ago, that i saw one for the first time!  before, i had only seen half rainbows i guess.  so today as i was driving into town, i got onto the freeway and there was another one – a gorgeous full rainbow smiling over one end of the freeway to the other.  it was spectacular and made me instantly happy .  i guess this technically could be added to my last post on why driving here is awesome, but we’ll just keep it separate for now.

baby is in motion – i am pretty sure we won’t make the due date.  more on that later.

hawaii rainbow

Of course there are always exceptions (like tourists), but for the most part:

1. People here never honk.
2. People will actually stop for you to make a lane change if you are stuck behind a parked car or a bus.
3. They know how to merge.
4. People often let you go ahead of them, even if they have the right of way (and watch out for you).

My son reminded me of these simple pleasures as I was pulling out from the grocery store, trying to make a left turn onto a busy 4 lane road. A guy who was also turning left into the store from the busy road stopped and waved to let me go first. Kai saw this and excitedly said, “Mama, he waved “hi”!”. I explained why he waved, and drove home happy to feel the aloha spirit once again in this beautiful place.

the other day we had some friends over who recently had a baby girl (2 months old).  rick was holding the baby, and said “look kai, a baby”.  kai immediately rushed over to come see her, and said, “oh hi, baby kalena”.  we all couldn’t stop laughing that he thought this was his newly arrived sister.  a few more weeks, kai 🙂

here's kai after a vaccum hair stylin' by rick

here's kai after a vaccum hair stylin' by rick

aloha and apologies for a very long lag in our blogging.  r was taking the bar, a&k were in the mainland, and we have recently moved (although still in paradise).  not to mention a is now 4-5 weeks away from having baby #2.  due date is oct 13, and we plan on naming her kalena (“kah-leh-na”).  we are totally excited and looking forward to all the many changes that will occur this coming year.  a is just trying not to pull muscles, eating constantly and trying to keep k in line.


k is growing up fast, as he regularly reminds us – “I am a big boy, not a baby”.  thankfully, logic now works with him (most of the time).   his favorite past times are singing songs to himself as he plays with his animal figurines, swimming, and hunting for lizards and frogs outside.

r is getting ready for some new adventures with work (more later), boogie boarding weekly (and getting nicely toned from it i might add), and working on his business.

even more exciting is that we are now not alone in having the only grandchild in the a family.  j just had an adorable baby boy that looks just as mixed as our kid, even though he’s only a quarter korean!  we can’t wait to meet him.


"Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking, and don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it."

~ Steve Jobs

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