kai has been extremely difficult the last few weeks.  hitting and starting fights, not listening when we tell him to stop something, and using reverse psychology on us! partly i wonder if it’s the upcoming changes in our lives with new baby, etc., but many friends have told me it’s just that age.  apparently, when your child turns 2.5 yrs old, they start this rebellion that doesn’t really end until, well, 4.  that is not exactly what i want to hear as we are due any day and i know the sleepless nights are nearing…but seriously, it must be something i am doing wrong, right?  have i slacked in my discipline?  is he just taking advantage of that fact that mommy is slower physically?  what is the deal???

i just read a friend’s blog that says, “learn to embrace the lack of control that having kids brings into your life.”  oh how true that is.