kai has recently been telling everyone that he wants a brother.  apparently he has already told that to his nursery leader at church and to rick’s  parents.  now i think i am beginning to understand why.   whenever i ask him who did something that was not good (like lose/break a toy, spill the milk or push kalena), he responds with “it was my brother, caden”.  caden happens to be one of kai’s best friends, whom he is convinced is his brother.  of course, it was impossible for caden to do all that when he is not even here.

today was another example of his brother blaming.  i asked him if he drank all his milk from lunch (while I was changing kalena’s diaper).  he says “yes!”  i ask him to get his cup and show me he has drunk it all.  he runs over as i am coming out to check, and shows me an empty cup.  it looked too empty to be true so i checked the sink and sure enough there was evidence of spilled milk in the sink.

me: “kai, did you really drink all the milk?  please tell me the truth. it looks like milk was poured in here.”

kai: “yes, caden did it.”