i have to admit that after the age of 5, i started hating cats. it all started after the cat that i loved so much next door scratched my neck and face up pretty bad. i know – hate is a strong word. but seriously, i started to not like them so much, and then that feeling grew stronger (sorry j and all you cat lovers out there). i’m not sure if it’s the endless shedding hair, their whining, how they are rarely friendly, or the idea of hairballs being barfed out every now and then. they must know that i hate them, because they have chosen to continually follow me wherever i go in the world. seriously.

i seem to get woken up in the middle of the night by cats in heat, wherever i go. they whine as loud as they can until i finally get mad enough to yell or something. this has happened to me a lot, no matter where in the world i am. i am not joking – hong kong, morocco, philippines, korea, and now right on my front lanai (porch)? just leave me alone already!

am i the only one that this happens to so often?

Update: the cats got so bad that after trial and error, I have found a way to get rid of them: get a cage from the humane society. They set the trap off once; they never visit that house again.