thanks to the encouragement of my hubby, i started going to this power/vinyasa flow yoga class closer to town on tuesday nights.  i have been to this studio many times before, and was just about to give up and try another one (or just stick with my free online classes) when i found kara miller’s class.  from day one i was hooked!  it takes awhile to find the kind of teacher you like, and a level that is just right for you.  some classes do too much om-ing for me; others are too slow/fast, and sometimes you just don’t like the instructor’s delivery.  every time i go to her class i feel so happy afterwards, even though i just got my butt (gluteus maximus, as kai would say) kicked.  it is the perfect balance of sweat workout, muscle working!, balancing poses, personal inversion time (handstands, etc.), and stretching, all with a kripalu twist.  i am tired now, but so grateful for this precious time for me.