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the abelmann trio

Who are we?

Alicia, Rick, Kai and Kalena Abelmann.

Where are you?

Honolulu, Hawaii.

About Rick:

Half Korean, half American. Native Californian. I have at various times worked in healthcare recruiting, plastics, big law, and investment banking. Love spending time with Alicia and the kids, playing in the ocean, traveling, eating and building companies.

About Alicia:

Half Chinese, half American. Worked in investment banking until the birth of our son. Now I am a homemaker, enjoy yoga, traveling and ethnic foods.

About Kai:

I’m 3 years old, and I am my own person. I am super independent and can do everything myself. I love playing with other kids, swimming, and water machines. I’m a native of Hong Kong but I’ve been known to travel quite a bit. I have an infectious smile and like making animal noises. If you have food, I will beg for it. And you will give it to me (although I might spit it out). I cry when ugly people hold me (and I have the T-shirt to prove it).

About Kalena:

I may only be 1, but I have the ability to get whatever I want. I even have the ability to make my older brother cry.