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it’s been so long since i’ve posted here.  life has been happening too fast for me to record anywhere but in my memory, which is rapidly fading.  i forgot what it’s like not to get solid sleep.  i’ve had plenty of short sleep nights but it is tough to readjust to an hour or two at a time.  kai has been pretty good about all this, but i’m sure his time will come.  i try to help out where i can, but sometimes alicia has to wake me up several times before i am conscious.

i took some shots in the hospital – tried to keep it clean and unobtrusive while at the same time being “there” in the moment for my daughter’s birth.  we have some favorite shots of kai when he first came out that we don’t show anyone else, but enjoy looking at privately to remember what a miracle his birth was.

let me just say that it is great to have family support at a time like this.  i don’t know how we would get by otherwise.  as we were warned, 1+1 is much more than 2 when it comes to kids.  i have greater respect for parents as time goes on and i experience the challenges of raising a growing family.

we love little kalena and will need to make sure she gets the same documentary photojourney her brother did.  thanks for all of your well wishes and advice.  lots of posting is going up on facebook so be sure to keep track there.




we are going public now with the news that baby #2 is on it’s way. we are excited for kai to have a sibling and look forward to all the adventures that await. we don’t know the sex yet, although a guess was made by a different doc that it is a girl. i suspect he may be right as i have had a tougher time on the nausea this time around.

we will keep everyone posted. here is an old ultrasound, as we are now on 12 weeks!  baby is due oct 13.


We are enjoying life so much that the blog has been neglected. We don’t really have any excuse. Sorry!

okay, here’s a way outdated thanksgiving post.  even though we haven’t been in the states for a thanksgiving for several years, i can’t complain that we went without delicious turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, etc. (and sometimes we had two or three thanksgiving meals!).  be that as it may, we still enjoyed being back in tiburon with julia/jan and jonathan/julie for the big turkey meal.Kai at 18 months.jan on the deck

we’ve come to realize that all of the kids enjoy cooking.  and some of us have a real passion for cooking.  you know what they say about too many cooks in the kitchen, so we exchanged quite a few emails divvying up the assignments and the result was a fantastic meal.  family gatherings are tending more towards meal-centered activities these days.  i don’t mind!


we have officially left hong kong for awhile.  the movers came, we packed, they packed, and almost all of our remaining stuff disappeared into boxes, headed for a big crate that will fit into a bigger container that will sit on a bigger ship that will cruise the bigger oceans headed for the united states of america.  we said goodbye to as many friends as we could see in our remaining days and promised to be back sooner than later.

i’m not much for goodbyes – i would rather just say hello again when the time comes.  alicia managed to sort out some get-togethers though where we were able to see lots of people and enjoy some last bits of hk, including having my cousin come through for a couple of days just before we left.  he managed to get me up to the peak for midnight tour which i had not yet experienced and thoroughly enjoyed without the normal crowds.  it was a fitting way to end my most recent stint at work.

tiburon hills

we arrived in tiburon a few days ago, and have been pushing through kai’s jetlag with mighty resolve.  i think we are close.  in the meantime we are enjoying the clean environment here.  the autumn air is so fresh and crisp, the leaves trickle down from the trees and the smell of eucalyptus has already inspired me to take a couple of nice runs.  we hit in ‘n out right off and marvelled at the offerings at the grocery store.  has it really been that long?  i guess i adapted to hong kong life a little more permanently than i expected to.  we’ve been gone for three and a half years now, and i am sensing that there will be an adjustment period before we are as comfortable again here.

we are looking forward to a nice thanksgiving with the family, and wish the same to all of you.

the only thing that never changes is change itself…

change comes often.  unexpected. self-perpetuated. force-fed. achieved through hardship.  change can be good or bad, personal or not.  but it comes, and we deal with it.

most of the changes that have affected me over the last few years have been welcomed by me.  viewed positively.  increased my joy and satisfaction with life.  we know that we have some big changes coming up over the next couple of months too, and i am looking forward to these changes.  i am hopeful.

life is short.  it’s easy to get caught up in things.  take some time to evaluate.  look at the trees.  look at the forest.  think different.  dare to dream.  and chase those dreams.  but be prepared for change.  change of goals.  change of course.  change of mind.

and i wish the best for our new president, who has a long and difficult road ahead.

i’m off to seoul in the morning to go see the parents, harmoni, imo, cousins, and best of all, alicia & kai.  it’s been a long week without them around.  speaking of all things korean, many of you may be familiar with my love of music.  it started a long time ago and has ranged far and wide across the scope of my varying interests. i’m one of those people that likes to have a soundtrack for life.

i generally make the new discoveries and get alicia to like at least some of them.  one of the few times alicia has opened my eyes to a new artist was a couple of months ago when she told me about priscilla ahn.  i knew that one of her songs had popped up on my grey’s anatomy ost, but hadn’t paid too much attention.  now it’s my new favorite album.  there’s nothing like a long day of ringing phones, stressful decisions and market mayhem slipping away with a smoothly lilting voice and a gently rocking double decker bus.  check it out.

suddenly i find myself at the end of the month.  a little older, a little wiser (hopefully).  some interesting things have happened to us that have temporarily changed some of our plans.  all for the best, we hope.  just goes to show that you can’t plan for everything!  sometimes the fun of life is in the bobbing and weaving around all of the surprises.

kai got to explore his creative side with a little finger painting.  the kicker for him was when he discovered chocolate pudding not only paints well, but tastes great!

unless you are a media hermit, you are probably aware of the scope of the wall street meltdown over the last few weeks.  it is a pretty surreal experience to watch from inside as massive institutions maneuver to stay in business.  i hope everything shakes out sooner than later.  in the meantime, here’s to memories of our last trip to new york….

just a few months ago

just a few months ago

the last few days have been super busy.  i have a load of pics to publish and some other tidbits floating around my head to share – all coming soon.

for now i’ll leave you with kevin rose’s prediction for the new itunes visualization to be announced at apple’s event tomorrow.  regardless of whether this is incorporated, someone should figure out how to make this run to my music.

update: upgraded to itunes 8.  the visualizer is awesome.


"Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking, and don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it."

~ Steve Jobs

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