i have to admit that after the age of 5, i started hating cats. it all started after the cat that i loved so much next door scratched my neck and face up pretty bad. i know – hate is a strong word. but seriously, i started to not like them so much, and then that feeling grew stronger (sorry j and all you cat lovers out there). i’m not sure if it’s the endless shedding hair, their whining, how they are rarely friendly, or the idea of hairballs being barfed out every now and then. they must know that i hate them, because they have chosen to continually follow me wherever i go in the world. seriously.

i seem to get woken up in the middle of the night by cats in heat, wherever i go. they whine as loud as they can until i finally get mad enough to yell or something. this has happened to me a lot, no matter where in the world i am. i am not joking – hong kong, morocco, philippines, korea, and now right on my front lanai (porch)? just leave me alone already!

am i the only one that this happens to so often?

Update: the cats got so bad that after trial and error, I have found a way to get rid of them: get a cage from the humane society. They set the trap off once; they never visit that house again.


Kai and I were reading a book where there was a picture of someone holding a sandwich (the meat lettuce and cheese were depicted by 3 different colored lines).

Kai asks, “is that girl holding a piece of jello?” (it did look a bit like the multi-colored layered jello people make here.)

one of kai’s biggest interests (besides tigers, dinosaurs and buzz lightyear) is in bodily functions.  this is no surprise coming from a 3 year old boy and definitely entertaining.  the other day he asked for a good night hug.

kai: “mommy, i need a hug goodnight”

(i lean over his bed and hug him)

kai: “not a soggy one!”

(i lean over and almost picking him up, give him a huge squeeze.  he lets out a huge toot. roars with laughter.)

he recently earned a special treat because we went to the dentist.  he decided he wanted to pick out a whoopee cushion, because it had something to do with ‘toots’.  needless to say, it has kept him busy all day.

Apparently we have already started Kalena’s bug killing training. Check out what Kalena does when given a magazine (she even rolled it herself!)

it is getting harder and harder to trick kai with some of our stories or explanations for things.  sometimes he calls us out on things that we are making a double standard on, like eating on the carpet or not sitting properly at the table.  and he always seems to catch us when we are trying to sneak chocolate.  he loooves chocolate.

the other day there was an ant on the table while he was eating lunch with tutu (hawaiian for “grandma”).

kai: “tutu, there’s an ant!”

tutu: “oops!  not anymore, the ant went to heaven.”

kai: “no he didn’t.  the ant is on your finger!”

kai has recently been telling everyone that he wants a brother.  apparently he has already told that to his nursery leader at church and to rick’s  parents.  now i think i am beginning to understand why.   whenever i ask him who did something that was not good (like lose/break a toy, spill the milk or push kalena), he responds with “it was my brother, caden”.  caden happens to be one of kai’s best friends, whom he is convinced is his brother.  of course, it was impossible for caden to do all that when he is not even here.

today was another example of his brother blaming.  i asked him if he drank all his milk from lunch (while I was changing kalena’s diaper).  he says “yes!”  i ask him to get his cup and show me he has drunk it all.  he runs over as i am coming out to check, and shows me an empty cup.  it looked too empty to be true so i checked the sink and sure enough there was evidence of spilled milk in the sink.

me: “kai, did you really drink all the milk?  please tell me the truth. it looks like milk was poured in here.”

kai: “yes, caden did it.”

this is a funny age.  they say the funniest things that don’t quite make sense, but you understand what they mean. like our conversation tonight:

me: “kai please don’t jump on my back, because it hurts.”

kai (after pulling up my shirt a bit): “i want to see your owie.”

me: “oh, you can’t see it, because it hurts in my muscles, inside.”

kai: “can you please eat me, so i can see.”

Typical day in the life of kai:
-breakfast peanut butter honey toast & strawberries)
-fight monsters in living room by throwing balls and yelling “power ball!” while ninja sword is tucked in the back of his shirt.
-forced to go #1 on toilet by mom
-continue tormenting his sister until it’s time to go to the beach by attempting to ride her and stealing toys that she wants.
-protest against taking a nap while riding home in car until mom is ready to scream; then fall asleep

recently r asked big k to help out around the house more in his absence.  i am touched that he took this advice so seriously.  for the past few nights at dinnertime when kalena cries (while playing on the floor since she won’t stay in the highchair anymore after her meal) kai immediately says, “it’s ok mama, you eat your dinner” and then runs off to go give his sister a toy or talk to her to distract her from crying.  i am so touched that he so happily tries to help me out with that, and does it so tenderly with his sister.

this morning was also a big milestone.  it was the first morning that kai cleared his cereal bowl after breakfast all by himself without even being asked!

It’s been over a year since I last blogged. So much has happened in that time. I moved on to twitter and then facebook, but even those outlets don’t get the same attention they used to.

Life is good. Whenever I can I try to get away from the computer and into the ocean. It’s cathartic to be moved by the power of the waves. To view a quiet universe below the surface. To slide across the face of a windswept wall of saltwater with a huge smile on my face.

I have time to spend with my family. They bring me great joy and I see now what riches this family time brings to my life. Quality time is often highlighted as a must. But there is something about “quantity time” that is a must-er. The ability to laze away tine with the family seems to be an ultimate luxury. No pressures to take a trip or do an activity or see a sight. Just time to take a walk or play trains or tickle the baby until she laughs.

I really enjoy my work – the challenges and rewards combined. I have great client and coworkers. I have interesting issues. And most days I look forward to the next day’s work.

Blogging is nice, but Hawaii is nicer. Please come visit. Aloha.


"Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking, and don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it."

~ Steve Jobs

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